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Are you looking for a general contractor in Sherbrooke? Let our expertise allow you to carry out all your construction or renovation projects. We will commit to exceeding your expectations in order to build a long-term relationship based on trust.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

In Quebec, a general contractor is a construction professional who has the skills, experience and licenses required to oversee and manage an entire construction or renovation project. In accordance with the standards and regulations in force in Quebec, a general contractor must hold a license issued by the Quebec Building Board (RBQ), attesting to its competence and compliance with legal requirements.

In Quebec, calling on a general contractor for renovations is particularly recommended in the following situations :

  1. Large or complex projects : If your renovation project involves several trades, requires the modification of the building structure, the expansion of space or the complete renovation of several rooms, a general contractor will be able to effectively manage and coordinate all the aspects of the project.
  2. Modifications affecting structural elements : If the planned renovations concern load-bearing elements, foundations, load-bearing walls or frames, a general contractor has the expertise required to ensure that this work is carried out in compliance with construction and safety standards.
  3. Permits and regulations : Some renovation projects require obtaining permits or compliance with specific regulations. A general contractor knows the steps to follow and can help you obtain the required authorizations.

In short, if your renovation project is complex, affects structural elements, requires the intervention of several subcontractors or involves compliance with specific regulations, it is best to call on a general contractor to guarantee the success of the work. and compliance with Quebec standards.

In Quebec, the difference between a general contractor and a specialized contractor lies in the range of services offered and the type of projects they manage.

  1. General contractor : The general contractor is a construction professional who coordinates and supervises the whole of a project, whether it is a new construction, a renovation or an extension. He manages all aspects of the project, from planning to completion, collaborating with the client, architects, engineers and subcontractors. The general contractor is responsible for hiring and managing specialized subcontractors, managing the budget and meeting deadlines. He has global expertise and an overview of the project, ensuring that all work is carried out in accordance with the construction and safety standards in force in Quebec.

  2. Specialized contractor : The specialized contractor, on the other hand, focuses on a specific area or a specific skill in the construction industry. It can be plumbing, electricity, masonry, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, carpentry, painting, etc. The specialized contractor is usually hired by the general contractor to carry out specific work as part of a larger project. He has in-depth expertise in his area of ​​specialty and must also hold an appropriate license issued by the Quebec Building Board (RBQ).

In summary, the general contractor manages the whole of a construction or renovation project, while the specialized contractor focuses on a specific area and is often hired by the general contractor to carry out specific works within a specific area. a larger project.

The general contractor takes charge of the coordination and the supervising all aspects of a project, from planning to the achievement. He works closely with the client, architects and engineers to develop a detailed plan, respecting the budget and the deadlines. He is also responsible for the selection, hiring and management of subcontractors and suppliers, ensuring that each stage of the project is carried out according to the quality and safety standards in force.

As the main contact for the client, the general contractor facilitates communication and ensures rigorous monitoring of the project, keeping the client informed of the progress of the work and responding to his concerns. In short, a general contractor in Quebec is a construction expert who guarantees the success of a project, by ensuring efficient management in accordance with local standards.

Yes, a general contractor in Quebec can handle a demolition project, provided they have the appropriate skills, experience and licenses. There Quebec Building Board (RBQ) issues specific licenses for contractors wishing to carry out demolition work. A general contractor who holds a demolition license is empowered to oversee and coordinate the demolition process of a building or structure.

Prestiplex is proud to offer its services throughout the region of Eastern Townships, covering major cities to meet customers' construction and renovation needs. Among the cities we serve are: Sherbrooke, Magog, Granby, Coaticook, Cowansville and Brompton. Thanks to our expertise and our knowledge of the local market, we are convinced that we are the ideal partner to carry out your construction and renovation projects in the Easter Township region.

Prestiplex has the appropriate general contractor license issued by the Quebec Building Board (RBQ), qui nous permet d’effectuer des travaux de construction et de rénovation dans le secteur commercial au Québec. Notre licence « General contractor – building » (subcategory 1.1.1) testifies to our expertise, experience and compliance with legal requirements to carry out commercial projects.

As a general building contractor, we have the experience and skills necessary to carry out a variety of commercial projects, such as the construction of offices, shopping centers, industrial or institutional establishments. We offer a top quality service, respecting the construction standards and regulations in force in Quebec.



Your shingles are at the end of their life?

Shingle roof maintenance is an important step in ensuring the integrity and durability of your home. 

In the face of bad weather and natural elements, your shingles can become damaged, crack or come off, thus compromising the waterproofness of the roof and exposing it to water infiltration or other damage.

 It is therefore essential to carry out regular inspections and to intervene quickly if necessary. Our trained team will assess the extent of the damage and determine the best repair method, whether that means replacing damaged shingles, reinforcing the underlayment or repairing leaks. 


Listening to your needs

The construction of a main or secondary residence is a life project that appeals to the emotions and dreams of future owners.

We understand the importance of these projects and work with passion and dedication to turn your dreams into reality. By working closely with you, we will take into account your needs, aspirations and preferences to create the unique and warm living space that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Thanks to our expertise, our team ensures rigorous site management and impeccable construction quality, while remaining attentive to your expectations and concerns.


Let's plan your project together.

Thanks to our expertise, we will be able to accompany you from the planning phase, helping you to define the specific needs of your project and to draw up a detailed and adapted plan.

We will then take over the management of all aspects of the construction site, selecting and supervising sub-contractors, ensuring compliance with construction and safety standards, and ensuring that the project is progressing on time and on budget. planned.

Calling on Prestiplex allows you to benefit from professional and personalized support to successfully complete the construction of a multi-unit building with ease.


A little refurbishment?

Interior renovation offers countless possibilities to transform and improve the habitat.

The key areas of the house, such as the kitchen or the bathroom, deserve special attention because they contribute greatly to the comfort and value of the property. Renovations can include modernizing sanitary facilities, optimizing storage space and incorporating durable and stylish materials, improving ergonomics or adding design touches to create a functional and aesthetic.

We put our expertise at your service to carry out these transformations, ensuring that we offer tailor-made solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

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